ITX05 Skee Mask – Junt
A1. Junt
A2. Hover
B1. Larus Canus
B2. Start Up Trak (Edit)

Dreamy Far Out Soul Shakers.

Release date: 05 | 2015

Dnp Distribution

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Blawan (Ternesc)
amazing tracks ! so diverse ! full full support !
Martyn (3024)
Marcel Fengler (IMF)
Another strong release!Full support
Marcel Dettmann (MDR)
5/5 thx
Answer Code Request (Ostgut Ton)
DVS1 (Hush)
nice thanks!
Objekt (Pan)
Got the vinyl already 🙂
Kowton (Livity Sound)
Ryan Elliott (Ostgut Ton)
Bicep (Feel My Bicep)
Jonas Kopp (Tresor)
great one ! thanks
Christopher Rau (Smallville)
fett..!!! vielen dank!!!
Ben Sims (Theory)
Larus Canus is the cut for me, thx!
Nick Höppner (Panorama Bar)
Andrea (Ilian Tape)
Darky trippy and groovy! excellent!
Hodge (Punch Drunk)
Love this
Don Williams (Mojuba)
very nice release!!!
Pär Grindvik (Stockholm Ltd)
love it! that „start up trak“ omg!!
Dexter (Clone)
Great stuff!!
Antigone (Construct Re-Form)
awesome tracks love whats doing skee Mask hit one for me here is Start Up Trak (Edit) wow love it
Alex.Do (Dystopian)
again, absolute fantastic music.
thanks a lot.
Coni (ClekClekBoom)
all tracks work for me, respect to the mask
Samuli Kemppi (Time To Express)
Larus Canus is massive! Full support.
Andres Zacco (Greener)
Love all textures involves! 🙂 space and dreamly
Thanks for the music.
Mosca (Not So Much)
Haven’t stopped running the last Skee record, now more ammo for the bag! Junt takes it here but niceness all round
Franco Cinelli (Esperanza)
Norman Nodge (Berghain)
Advanced music, thanks!
Tobi Neumann (Cocoon)
Großartig. Totally above the mainstream. I hear unique sounds and grooves. The tracks offer a unique space of music & sounds. Big point!
Avatism (Parachute)
Lovely EP. Larus Canus rocks!
Regen (Ilian Tape)
WOW! Yes! It’s out there somewhere! Love the mood, arrangements and the spaceess! Thank you for the promo.
Adam Marshall (New Kanada)
these are all killer. big ups! thanks.
Tommy Four Seven (CLR)
Larus Canus!!
RNDM (Dial)
Etapp Kyle (Klockworks)
There is no any exception. All the track are wonderful! Thanks
Konstantin (Giegling)
back to light
Eric Cloutier (The Bunker NY)
god damnit, guys! where do you find this ridiculously bad ass stuff?! :-