ITX021 Konrad Wehrmeister – Untitled
A1. Ous
A2. 80L
A3. Senking
B1. TR10
B2. Onoff
B3. Patty
Hallucinating gnarly spring breakers on 180g vinyl
Mastered by Tangible Air
Release date: 04 | 2021
Dnp Distribution
Surgeon (Dynamic Tension)
Lovey stuff!
 Ben Sims (Theory)
sweet ep, tr10 is great. thx!
Katatonic Silentio (Bristol NormCore)
Fav track: Patty
Answer Code Request (Ostgut Ton)
Anthony Parasole (The Corner)
this is a stellar release
Aurora Halal (Mutual Dreaming)
i LOVE this
Sandrien (Theory)
Great EP! Diverse and interesting
Roger 23 (Ilian Tape)
Yo The Zenkerei Makes Me Fertig! Another fragile Slammer from the IT Camp.. The pressure is high.. Thanks for that Da, Ma and Ko on top!
Kangding Ray (Raster-Noton)
TR10 is pure summer light, thank you
Andres Zacco (Ilian Tape)
cool! thanks
Philip Sherburne (Pitchfork)
Man, that is sweet. Especially the more chilled-out tracks (because I am an old man and I like things chill)
Tasha (Neighbourhood)
Beauty <3 faves
Samuli Kemppi (Deep Space Helsinki)
Gorgeous! Hope to play this somewhere soon. Thank you for sending.
Doc Scott (31 Records)
Thank you
Etch (Sneaker Social Club)
Hoooooooooooo boi. fuck yes. right on time for when i start my new show on Balamiii >>>
Franklin De Costa (Mother’s Finest)
great spaced out tunes from Konrad.
Lo Shea (Hoper Works)
Fuking Love it.
Sciahri (Sublunar)
wow fantastic Ep!
Julietta (Inside Universe)
lovely vibes in there 🙂 X
Gareth Wild (EarToGround)
Bryan Kasenic (The Bunker New York)
whole things sounds nice excited to dive in;. 
Public Possession (Public Possession)