David Hornung is a Munich Dj and co-founder of Inside Universe, a radio show, event series and soon also a label. Besides that he opened a record store called Riviera last year and he was our joker at the RA Cup. Enjoy!

Hello David how are you and what have you been up to recently?

So far, so good. I‘ m trying to do the best I can with the situation. That means for me I do a lot of sports and go as often as possible into the mountains.

You live in Munich. How would you describe the situation here at the moment?

The city seems more lifeless than ever. On the other hand, I also have hope that perhaps new opportunities will arise from this – more free space for creative things and the people who live here.

In 2020 you opened a record store/gallery called Riviera in Munich. How has it been going?

Having my own record store that’s always been my dream. It’s super fun, even if the timing isn’t the best, of course. All the requirements really don’t make it easy. But I’m even more pleased that the store has been so well received so far. I’m looking forward to the coming years.

What annoys you or has pissed you off lately?

So there are a few things but now especially the creation of this shitty European Super League.

What excites you besides music?

Football is my passion. I have to say that I miss playing as well as going to the stadium again. Bamboleo!

Anything coming up you want to share with us? Any shout-outs or final statements?

So first of all, our label Inside Universe finally gets going. In May we will have our first release. With Riviera we plan something in Italy end of summer and then let’s see what this year brings. S/o to all my friends and to everyone who stay true and keeping it real! Also thanks to you for this opportunity