Over the last years Shanti Celeste has played in some of the best clubs around the world, she also has a monthly show on NTS Radio and runs the label Peach Discs, where her dope debut album „Tangerine“ came out last year. Enjoy!

Hello Shanti how are you and what have you been up to recently?

Hiiiiii!! i’m actually good thank you!! been through many emotions during this quarantine, sadness, anxiety, worry! but now i feel im at the other side and having fun by myself!! Enjoying the slow life and all the stuff i’m able to do now and that maybe I took for granted before when travelling all the time. Basically this means im eating all the food and doing the occasional painting.

You live in London. How would you describe the city and music scene there at the moment?

The city is at a stand still as you can imagine! so not much of a scene! looking forward to the rave at some going hopefully in a not too distant future!! aside from the way things are right now though, I do love London. Although lacking in decent small/medium clubs I always feel inspired here just because of the multiculturalism which has contributed to the amount of amazing musical history there is! and you can see/hear that always when walking around in different areas of the city and you’ll just hear a car driving past blasting out jungle or garage!

What annoys you or has pissed you off lately?

The most recent was trying to make a nice purple when I was painting but it turned a horrible brown instead so it went to waste! also on the subject of waste, It was annoying have to throw away a cake I made because it was too big and I couldn’t eat it all. I don’t like waste. Ooooh also annoying, when I recorded this mix and one of my records had pops in it : ( but I put a filter in it and its ok I think (hand on chin emoji)

What excites you besides music?

Painting, colourful things, clothes, food, cleaning, butt exercises, friends and many many more!

Anything coming up you want to share with us? Any shout-outs or final statements?

Shouts and hugs to everyone listening to this mix and beyond! I hope it can provide some solace in these turbulent times, or at least make you have a dance in your living rooms. x