After the release of his first solo record „Space Forma“ this year, it was about time for an Ilian Tape Podcast from our Turin street gambler Andrea. Expect some more heat next year and enjoy this driving mix!

Hi Andrea how are you and what have you been up to recently?

Hi, I’m doing great thanks. I’ve been enjoying new good music the last weeks, I have just bought new vinyls and of course I’ve been making some new tunes. Last weekend there was in Turin the last edition of Club to Club festival and I attended a couple of events… I can say it was really impressive.

You live in Turin. How would you describe the city and how is the scene there?

I really love Turin. I was born in Turin and I spent all my life here. It’s a beautiful city, not so big but full of interesting places, cultural events, museums and historical monuments. I grew up in the suburbs where I could take a big inspiration, especially from its industrial side. I really love also the esoteric and mystic side of the city.. together with Prague and Lion it’s one vertex of the so–‐called “magic triangle”…

Turin is a very active city regarding music. I would say, Turin is the Italian reference city for the Electronic music. There are lot of bands, from rock to electronic music. Even if you can calculate in your fingers the good clubs and venues here, there are interesting events every weekends, great festivals like Club to Club and of course great music makers, producers and djs. Unfortunately the techno scene is a little too restrictive here and I have never found a constant space to express my music or simply a place where I can play consistently. It seems the promoters prefer to play safe going out to find guests…

Congrats and thank you for your first solo record Space Forma. You are also working a lot together with Stenny. How would you describe making music with him? And how is different to working alone?

Thanks to you guys, it was something I’ve been waiting for a long time. I have to say thank you to trust in my music and give me the chance to be an important part of Ilian Tape project.

It’s been a while me and Stenny don’t spend time in the studio together. Unfortunately in the last month we had not enough time for that.. but I really love working with him. He is one of the most talented “newcomer” techno artist around here and it’s always funny to have a studio session with him. We usually don’t plan what to do in those sessions, we just start to jam with the machines. I’m always focused on the drums and he’s focused on the sounds and melodies. We try to maintain this organization on each session.
We share the same studio in Turin that is the place where all of our tunes were born. We have more or less the same workflow, since we share the same gears and outboards, we work in a very similar way also when we work separately. Sometimes the sessions are really productive, sometimes not’s not easy to find the right balance even if you have the right harmony and the same music taste, but we always take inspiration from each other and we bring our experience in our solo works.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would you choose and why?

Pfff I have lot of artists I would choose for a collaboration. I can mention legendary artists like Aphex Tiwn, Clark (he played his new live set at Club to Club in Turin last weekend and I was totally stunned
about), of course Shed…his way to combine elements of techno and 90’ Breakbeat is really unique.
I would also mention Flying Lotus, it would be amazing to have a studio session with him ..his way to
decompose ultra‐dynamic beats and melodies is totally crazy!

Some new and some old shit you’re digging right now?

There was lot of new amazing music released in this last period.. I really enjoyed Objekt’s LP “Flatland”, Vessel’s LP “Punish, Honey” and the new Thom Yorke’s LP “Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes”… it’s my fav of the year..

I recently dusted off some old drum’n’bass vinyls and I’m really enjoying mixing d’n’b tunes with my decks.

What annoys you or has pissed you off lately?

I destroyed my iPhone a couple of weeks ago… except this, I really hate all the form of intolerance and violence that are still at the order of these days…

What excites you besides music?

I love watching movies, reading books, chilling at home with my lady and hanging out with my friends!

Anything coming up you want to share with us? Any shout–‐outs or final statements?

I’m preparing my new live set and I’ll present it very soon. I’m integrating some new effect boxes in my setup and I’m experimenting a lot. I’m also working on new beats… I think something new will come in the next year..