ITLP17 Dario Zenker – Reflection
A1. ASM 61 Gate
A2. The Tease
A3. EAR 660 Cruise
B1. Round Ritmo
B2. Da Conducter (MK39 Mix)
B3. Quantized Rise
C1. 2085 Blacksea
C2. GEV 84
C3. Jah True
D1. Output Reflection
D2. Fade Forum
D3. The 600 Prophets
A Reflection through wild times channeled into 63 minutes of machine funk. 
2 x 180g heavyweight vinyl.
Mastered by Tangible Air.
Artwork oil painting on canvas by Bettina Zenker.
Release date: 10 | 2023
Dnp Distribution
Ben Sims (Symbolism)
Wicked stuff, loads of great cuts. thx!!
Laurent Garnier (COD3 QR)
Big fan of Dario’s music
Beautiful and organic
Mary Anne Hobbs (BBC)
thank you
Marcel Dettmann (Bad Manners)
Steffi (Klakson)
A Made Up Sound (When In Doubt)
oh yeah! so good. channelling da sampla & beyond, love it. picked round ritmo as fav cause it’s just the take i’m sorely missing today’s techno, but really that applies to the whole lp. i’m vibing here, fkn well done man.
Efdemin (Dial)
100% Feeling this! LOVE
Dax J (Monnom Black)
Downloading to check it out later. Thanks for sending
Andrea (Ilian Tape)
Superb, hazy & colored, great achievement by Dario!
Doc Scott (31 Records)
Awesome! Thank you
Rodhad (WSNWG)
Yes great stuff again. I will download to give it a full listening session.
Martyn (3024)
thank you!!
Stenny (Ilian Tape)
Daje eh de killeh album
Batu (Timedance)
re:ni (Ilian Tape)
Kangding Ray (Raster Noton)
Brilliant !
Laksa (Ilian Tape)
dario this is killer
Etapp Kyle (Klockworks)
super nice
KW (Ilian Tape)
el grande D.
superb rythm focused stuff, an absolut killer Album!
Round Ritmo, GEV 84, Jah true, Output reflection and Fade Forum are my favs
Atrice (Ilian Tape)
grande! so, so sick!
MJK (Obligated)
Oblig (Obligated)
Etch (Sneaker Social Club)
Lovely wavey busness!
Samuli Kemppi (Deep Space Helsinki)
Gorgeous album. Love it. Thanks for sending.
Roger 23 (Ilian Tape)
Well Well Done Du halber Saarländer! Tolles Album! Dickes Herzchen aus Riegelsberg… Rogi
Tasha (Neighbourhood)
Excellent <3
Kastil (Stale)
Lovely album Dario! Immersive listening and will play some for sure! Thx
Sciahri (Sublunar)
Downloading for a full immersion!