ITLP12 Marco Zenker – Channel Balance
A1. Intuition Dub
A2. The Tibet Terrier
A3. Wave Mode
B1. Carefree
B2. Switch Stance
B3. Far Out G
C1. Outlaw Inn
C2. Resistance
C3. Silent City
D1. High Larry
D2. Noviex Cult
D3. One Thousand
Night owl excursions through dubby forests with free-spirited herbal turns on 2 x 180g vinyl
Release date: 10 | 2022
Dnp Distribution
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Ben Sims (Theory)
grreat stuff, dubbed up fusions and broken beat laced atmospherics, big thx!
Laurent Garnier (F-Com)
MARCO’s music as great as ever
Full support of course
A Made Up Sound (When In Doubt)
nice one, enjoying listening through the album this morning. high larry, resistance and wave mode are jumping out at me on first listen, good stuff 🙂
Rodhad (WSNWG)
fett! i will download for a proper listening session. seems perfect for traveling. thanks a lot
Batu (Timedance)
Andrea (Ilian Tape)
Pessimist (UVB-76)
Sounds mad! Need to download to listen to it properly, feels like a start to finish LPLove the intro and outro, always a good sign of a proper album! Big up Marco 🙂
re:ni (Ilian Tape)
love it!
Doc Scott (31 Records)
Thank you
Answer Code Request (Ostgut Ton)
Laksa (Ilian Tape)
MARCO ON FIRE!! love this
Darwin (SPE:C)
fuck yeah marco this is fire
Atrice (Ilian Tape)
Tasha (Neighbourhood)
Wicked Marco <3 wave mode, carefree, switch stance, resistance are my faves
Shapednoise (Repitch)
killer stuff thanks!
Jake Muir (Ilian Tape)
Big ups Marco! Sounds cool. Looking forward to digging in fully.
Deep & varied, love it!
Daniel Avery (Phantasy Sound)
Oblig (Rinse)
Samuli Kemppi (Deep Space Helsinki)
This is great! Will play for sure. Thank you.
Sciahri (Sublunar)
Amazing album congratulation Marco!!
Etapp Kyle (Klockworks)
Amazing album!
Muallem (Blitz)
Amir (Satellite Era)
ABSOLUTELY SPEECHLESS! Marco captures the essence of the renowned Zenker Bros sound & turns it into his own with some of the loveliest ambient cuts that I’ve heard this year. If this were a sequel to Cosmic Transmission, I would say: what a perfect follow-up. So grateful to hear this album today & will definitely be supporting on vinyl. Much love from your Chicago crew <3
Philip Sherburne (Pitchfork)
Excited to check, will listen asap
Mitch Strashnov (Inverted Audio)
Marco with an absolute wallop of an album; beautifully-paced, dubby, crunchy, moody and methodical excursions into all the feels and reels of the internal and external dancefloors within hearts and minds.