ITLP11 Prime Vertical – Escapist Eschaton

A1. The Sage of Tomorrow
A2. Ether4.syx
A3. Breezy Point
B1. Pink Clouds and no Place to Live
B2. Mercury in Pisces
C1. Sunset for Kon
C2. Neukoelln Hyperfluid
C3. Saturn in the 12th House
D1. Draconic Transverse
D2. Lord Have Mercy

Escapist Eschaton may be used as background music for the following:

Building a refuge for exiled planets.
Conscious absorption of rare elements.
Cloudlike observations of evaporated landmasses.
A wistful emulation of escape.
Preparing food for the moon.
Strange situation test for non-terrestrial officers.
Counterfeiting consumer electronics.
Retuning GABAergic interneurons.
Accompaniment for affective picture systems.
Rituals of self-decompression.
Inquiries into trace minerals.

2×12″ 180g heavyweight vinyl + download code

Mastered by Tangible Air

Release date: 06 | 2022
Dnp Distribution
Surgeon (Dynamic Tension)
Sounds excellent. Will play on my ‚Nog Zone‘ radio show.
Blawan (Voam)
really great listen
DVS1 (Hush)
Thank you!
Steffi (Klakson)
keeping it fresh and diverse. love the artwork! gonna dive into this. top
Tessela (Poly Kicks)
lovely stuff :))
Rodhad (Wsnwg)
sound really nice. will download for a full on listening session. thanks a lot!
Andrea (Ilian Tape)
Super inspiring!
Ryan James Ford (Clone)
Wicked and wild journey’s through the soul… and beyond,,,,
 Tasha (Neighbourhood)
beautiful <3
nd_baumecker (Ostgut Ton)
the type of record you need to listen to on travels 3 times in a row to really understand it. will do so next week -> long flight ahead! Thanks for sending! Alles Liebe aus Berlin!
Roger 23 (Ilian Tape)
Feeling pushed backward into those days when Music was essential. F. e.. the days when Warp created a series called >>Artificial Inteligence<< and experimental music was taking („again“) place on the table. The seed to push musically bounderies fast forward and give freedom in creativities. A non copy and paste society.. WOW, what a record! Can’t decide what tune I prefer most.. All great, all fantastic! It’s grilling my mind and I’m not talking like a over 30 party visitor, not feeling trapped in a loop of the past what is celebrating my youth! It deserve me a lot of hope! I’m pretty thankful to be able to listen to this release.. Well done Zenkerei! BOMB!
Ps Zenkei: Riegelsberg/Saarland would be more than happy to get a personalized vinyl copy from his amazing release.. 😀 ! 


Doc Scott (31 Records)
Thank you
Andres Zacco (Ilian Tape)
amazing landscapes, lovely, Thanks guys
Johannes Volk (Exploration)
Amazing Album!
Eric Cloutier (The Bunker NY)
I can get behind this one!
Philip Sherburne (Pitchfork)
Excuse me while I kiss the sky
Mitch Strashnov (Inverted Audio)
Gorgeous, cathartic and shimmering throughout.