ITLP09 Skee Mask – Pool

A1. Nvivo
A2. Stone Cold 369
B1. Rdvnedub
B2. CZ3000 Dub
B3. DJ Camo Bro
C1. Collapse Casual
C2. Breathing Method
C3. Ozone
D1. Rio Dub
D2. Testo BC Mashup
D3. Dolan Tours
E1. Absence
E2. 60681Z
E3. Crosssection
F1. Harrison Ford
F2. Pepper Boys
F3. Fourth

Just a continuation of things that have been done before and that will be done in the future. The plan is that there is no plan and the story goes on! 18 tracks about distinct moods, patterns and the pure joy of creation itself. 

Mastered by Tangible Air
Artwork photos by Lara Köcke.

Release date: 05 | 2021
Dnp Distribution
Mary Anne Hobbs (BBC)
thank you.. love* him.. i’ll play something on Tuesday on the BBC6Music show 🙂
Nicolas Jaar (Other People)
Surgeon (Dynamic Tension)
Oh I’m looking forward to this one!
Ben Sims (Theory)
great album, many exceptional moments, big thx for sending!
Boys Noize (Boysnoize Records)
bester frikkler! 
Sherelle (Hooversound)
cant wait to listen!!! xx
James Ruskin (Blueprint)
Wicked!! Really looking forward to listening to this properly………Thanks!!!!!
DVS1 (Hush)
Thank you!
Djrum (2nd Drop)
Yessss,,,, I couldn’t resist having a flick through and seems like loads of FIRE as expected. can’t wait to have a proper listen. Any chance you can send me the vinyl? Bigup
Dj Pete (Hard Wax)
Outstanding well flaviured beat dishes
Tessela (Poly Kicks)
oiiiii. hyped. thank you very much
Laksa (Ilian Tape)
skeeeee!!!! from another planet
Tasha (Neighbourhood)
Yh Yh it’s a beaut! Dj Came Bro and Collapse Casual are my faves, Fourth is a dream, big ups Skee <3
Nick Höppner (Ostgut Ton)
So much good music, thanks for sharing!
Pessimist (Blackest Ever Black)
Helllllllll yessssssssss
Answer Code Request (Ostgut Ton)
Sehr , sehr gut!
Sarah Farina (Monkeytown)
love the different moods of the tracks!
Aurora Halal (Mutual Dreaming)
great album, many exceptional moments, big thx for sending!
Batu (Timedance)
one of the greatest. long live bryan
Tommy Four Seven (47)
so good!
Roger 23 (Ilian Tape)
The MÜELLER_Machine ! Yeah, fuck sake… …amazing! B-Man you are the best! The LP is breath takin’…! Brutal!
Rebekah (Soma)
super work here! congratulations! loving the electronic and experimental vibes.
Doc Scott (31 Records)
One of my fave artists in the world. Thank you !!
Andres Zacco (Greener)
amazing album! thanks
Kr!z (Token)
spectactular. will need some time to digest the full beauty of this.
J.C. (Tresor)
sooooo doopeeeeeeeeeee
i love you
Sandrien (Wolfskuil)
Beautiful album!!
Etch (Sneaker Social Club)
Skee is one of the greatest of our generation
Gareth Wild (EarToGround)
Brilliant. Absolute talent
Julietta (Inside Universe)
La bomba!
Shapednoise (Repitch)
very sick record, thanks!
Aquarian (Hanger Management)
so excited to dig in, what a treat 🙂
Robert Dietz (Dissolute)
Bin nur wieder hier um DANKE zu sagen. Es ist schon wieder so geil!!!
Samuli Kemppi (Deep Space Helsinki)
Mathias Kaden (Vakant)
The first songs sounding amazing!! Looking forward to hear the full Album tonight! Thanks
Sciahri (Sublunar)
Killer as usual!!
Tobi Neumann (What Came First)
Unglaublich. Vielen Dank, wir checken und senden dann ein Feedback.
 Philip Sherburne (Pitchfork)
Oh WORD?! Very excited to dive into this.