ITLP07 Zenker Brothers – Cosmic Transmission
A1. When Nothing Is Safe
A2. Who’s In Control
A3. Intense Incense
B1. Natural Connection
B2. Sphere Force
B3. Divided Society
C1. Transforming Well
C2. One For All
C3. Reset
D1. Let Loose
D2. Transcending

Artwork by Bettina Zenker

We are proud to present our second album “Cosmic Transmission”. In another time it felt like, only an unpredictable extreme event could change the way we choose to live together. Now it feels so crazy, it can be overwhelming, but always remember we are just a tiny micro spaceship traveling through a gigantic universe. When nothing is safe, all is possible. We are one – one love. M&D

 Release date: 10 | 2020
Dnp Distribution
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Surgeon (Ilian Tape)
Love this. Maybe my favourite release from the Zenker Bros.
 Laurent Garnier (F-Com)

As always, the music from the Zenker brothers is awesome 

Ben Sims (Theory)

Congrats on the ‚difficult‘ 2nd album guys, top quality as usual and a perfect heady soundtrack for these dark and broken days. I’ll drop something on the next show. All the best, B 

Dave Clark (Skint)
Will support
Sherelle (Hooversound)
Great stuff!! x
Modeselektor (Monkeytown)
DVS1 (Hush)
thanks! and congrats!
DJ Pete (Hard Wax)
much love from berlin
Efdemin (Ostgut Ton)
Let Loose!!!!
Djrum (Ilian Tape)
Just had a quick skip through but loving it so far. Been waiting for this. Looking forward to getting this in my headphones for a long walk.

Bigup guys.

Pessimist (Blackest Ever Black)
Amazing stuff
Intergalactic Gary (Viewlexx)
Great release, thank you!
Marcel Dettmann (Ostgut Ton)
Addison Groove (Gutterfunk)
Madam X (Kaizen)
Honey Dijon (Classic)

Beautiful Work. 

ND Baumecker (Ostgut Ton)
Brilliant and unexpcted! Love it! Thanks! <3
Roger 23 (Ilian Tape)
NO Doubts! MOFU & FAFU KILLA ALBUM! A Middle Finger For The Tekkno Industrie! 🙂 Yeah, I’m Inspired! Thanks Isar Bois With Saarland-Roots!
Peder Mannerfelt (Mannerfelt Productions)
Oh hell yes this is the proper stuff and perfect mood enhancer! Much love to the bros!! THNAKSSKSKS
Cem (Herrensauna)


Ike Release (Episodes)
Clips sound great. Looking forward to a deep listen!
Len Faki (Figure)

for sure to have listen to it more deeply but natural connection and transforming well are great on first listening! thX LF  

Doc Scott (31 Records)
love it, Thank you
rRoxymore (Don’t Be Afraid)
really like the arp synthy track like Transcending and Let Loose
Laksa (Timedance)
cosmic bass riddims. Killing it as always! Can’t wait to listen all the way through
Par Grindvik (Stockholm Ltd.)
Can’t wait to dive in!! Sounds just as dusty as I was hoping 🙂 Cheers
Jennifer Cardini (Correspondant)

Thank you 🙂

Batu (Timedance)
Baby T (Samurai Music)
Very excited for this! Will be supporting where I can.
Konrad Wehrmeister (Ilian Tape)
repeaaaat! The Z boys worked their synthesizers and the result is pretty inspiring! Thanks!
Etch (Sneaker Social Club)
Amaaaaazing record. Absolutely smashed it guys!! <3
Aurora Halal (Mutual Dreaming)
Hodge (Houndstooth)


Fred P (Soul People Music)
Pugilist (Zam Zam)

Huge album, absolutely love the dubsteppy vibes 

Permanent Vacation
perfect album
Dj Parris (Idle Hands)


BMG (Interdimensional Transmission)

deep sounds, looking forward to going into this one and

enjoying the explorations  

Jasss (Mannequin)

beautiful record 

Danielle (NTS)
omggggggg so good. obviouslyy!
Appleblim (Apple Pips)
brilliant as always!!
Etapp Kyle (Klockworks)
Incredible piece of art. Loving the sound design and the vibe! Thank you!
Alessandro Adriani (Mannequin)

great album!

Tasker (AD 93)
Tasha (Neighbourhood)
Excellent album, love every track <3 who’s in control dub vibe is wicked, prob my fave :))
Shapednoise (Repitch)
sick record, thanks! really especially Sphere Force.
Pearson Sound (Hessle Audio)
Samuli Kemppi (Basso Radio)
Gorgeous album. Really like Transcending and Sphere Force. Will be playing for sure, if that is possible somewhere these days. Thank you.
Franklin De Costa (Mother’s Finest)
beautiful album.
Orson (Version)
looking fwd to listen in full lenght XXX
Andres Zacco (Ilian Tape)
Amazing! congratulations, super super! thanks
Gareth Wild (Eartoground)
Your dicks

my mouth 

Solid Blake (Monkeytown)

top! as always

Beneath (No Symbols)

sick as usual

Joel Mull (Drumcode)
Was very happy to receive this in my inbox. Been listening and love what I hear.
Love the message and its an aspect I constantly dwell on. After all said and done its the most important message. We are in this together. Sending Love back to you guys. Keep spreading the good vibes.

Thank you for the Music & Inspiration.

Erika (Interdimensional Transmissions)

great vibes thanks

Second Storey (Houndstooth)

i’d like to refer to you henceforth as the ‚dusty siblings‘ 

Mathias Kaden (Pets)
Ohh super!!Will take my time to listen….congrats!!
Muallem (Blitz)
Fantastic album!
Otik (Intergraded)

amazing stuff 🙂 

Rob Booth (Houndstooth)
you had me at Zenker