ITLP05 Stenny – Upsurge

A1. Water Maze
A2. Detraction
A3. Sensitive Habitat
B1. Blind Corners
B3. Swordfish
C1. Whyrl
C2. Psygraph
C3. Fast Fade
D1. Dew
D2. Cursed
D3. In A Distant Light

Upsurge is the 5th LP on Ilian Tape and the musical journey of a sensitive soul.

Over the last 8 years Stenny has become one of the core artists on the label, continuously evolving his own style and exploring new territories. His debut album flows through ups and downs and reflects the highs and lows we all go through.

2x180g. vinyl, shrink-wrapped and with a download code inside.

Release date: 11 | 2019

Dnp Distribution

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Mary Anne Hobbs (BBC)
thank you
Peverelist (Livity Sound)
Lovely, thank you!
Doc Scott (31 Records)
Thank you
Objekt (PAN)
previews sound wicked. can’t wait to check in full
Dj Pete (Hard Wax)
incredible atmospheres and beat combinations
Ben Sims (Theory)
wow! fucking amazing album, so many great moments. congratulations!
D-Bridge (Exit Records)
Love me some Ilian
Ben UFO (Hessle Audio)
Marcel Dettmann (Ostgut Ton)
thx 4/5
Laurel Halo (Hyperdub)
love stenny amazing work here
Daniel Avery (Phantasy Sound)
Djrum (R&S)
Stopped everything when i saw the email. I’ve been looking forward to this. First listen: I love the direction he’s gone in for this. Beautiful stuff. Thanks
Aurora Halal (Mutual Dreaming)
loved his last one looking forward to checking it out
Pearson Sound (Hessle Audio)
Serge (Clone)
very nice!!
Batu (Timedance)
cant wait for this, big up stefano!
Answer Code Request (Ostgut Ton)
Sarah Farina (Monkeytown)
love the spectrum of the textures in each track…
Neel (Spazio Disponibile)
super good stuff as usual! thanks
Rob Booth (Houndstooth)
Ilian + Stenny = 100% ESSENTIAL
Iron Curtis (Moon)
oh dear…what an album. stenny’s recent tracks had been with me for every gig and this album is just proof that there is sooo much more to come. wow!! thanks so much for sending this along. best album in a while. cheers, johannes
Benjamin Damage (R&S)
Really nice work
Johannes Volk (Exploration)
What a album! Fast Fade is such a goosebumps track!
Peder Mannerfelt (Numbers)
yessss!  finally!!
Madam X (Kaizen)
Gian (Lack)
Roger 23 (Ilian Tape)
SUPER GEIL! It’s music that puts me in an immortal trance and is feeding my inner desire for something deep. High class. A trip and meditation what works perfect like a personal and private soundtrack (on the walkman).
I see an image like driving on the German Autobahn during the sunset in Wintertime! WOW!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Asquith (Lobster Theremin)
Incredible long-player and so happy to see Stenny really stretching his legs and entering different sonic realms whilst instilling each track with his own signature. Simply incredible.
Laksa (Ilian Tape)
kilian tape (cus dey killin it)
Shifted (Avian)
looking forward to this one! congrats
Low Jack (BFDM)
beautiful album, thank u.
Jason Kendig (Honey Soundsystem)
beautiful constructed. i look forward to spending more time with this album properly
Joe Farr (User Experience)
Nothing but love for this guy + his music.
Rodhad (Dystopian)
downloading for listen. thanks a lot!
Solid Blake (Apeiron Crew)
100 100 100!!
Second Storey (Houndstooth)
serrrrrrkkkkk – wonderful stuff start to finish. love the detail. PROPPA mayyyte
GoldFFinch (Numbers)
amazing LP, can’t wait to play it !
Jamie Russell (Hypercolour)
Julia Govor (Jujuka)
in A distant light – just made for me!!!!
J.C. (Tresor)
Peach (NTS)
really beautiful album start to finish. love blind corners, detraction, fast fade and bfrb but hard to really choose as i really like it all! nice 1 stenny 🙂
Tom Dicicco (Delsin)
Stenny masterclass !! Will be playing this one for a long long time..
J. Tijn (Pennyroyal)
Saved the best til last. Amazing work all round!!!
Cem (Herrensauna)
Antigone (Token)
Swordfish !!
Tasha (Neighbourhood)
10/10 absolute beauty, yes Stenny, i adore <3
Andres Zacco (Greener)
Another amazing album! thanks guys
Victor (Magic Power)