IT048 Andrea – Sktch
A1. Sarec
A2. Wired
B1. AuxL
B2. Kjone
Sparkling Chivalrous Jollity Force on 180g vinyl
Mastered by Tangible Air
Release date: 06 | 2021
Dnp Distribution
A Made Up Sound (When In Doubt)
Kjone is dope, thanks!
DVS1 (Hush)
Katatonic Silentio (Ilian Tape)
B1 <3
 Rodhad (Dystopian)
downloading for listening. thanks a lot!
Sarah Farina (Monkeytown)
huge fan of andrea… great release!! can’t wait to play it in the club
Cem (Herrensauna)
hot hot hot
Andres Zacco (Ilian Tape)
i like it so much! thanks guys
Dax J (Monnom Black)
Downloading to check it out later. Thanks for sending
Doc Scott (31 Records)
Thank you
Kangding Ray (Raster Noton)
Brilliant, as usual from Andrea. Thank you
Roger 23 (Ilian Tape)
PORCA MISERIA ET CHE CAZZO FAI?????!!!!!! This EP is Dope! Brutal and sweet like a cornetto ala crema… ! Message Received? 😀
Etch  (Sneaker Social Club)
Absolutely slamming record as always from don Andrea >>>
Darwin (SPE:C)
fuck yeah
Etapp Kyle (Klockworks)
Amazing release! Kjone is a killer track. Thanks!
Sciahri (Sublunar)
amazing music as usual from Andrea. Thanks
Bryan Kasenic (The Bunker NY)
thank you!
Mor Elian (Deft)
great! thanks
Slam (Soma)
Julietta (Inside Universe)
Sarec – such a beauty!
Mathias Kaden (Vakant)
good vibes!
Lo Shea (Hope Works)