IT035 Dario Zenker – Trivin Fields
A1. Trivin
A2. Koraimer Bro
B1. To Feel Sweet
B2. Der Schlern feat. Philipp von Bergmann
 Psychedelic Nimbly Gentrification Escape. 
Oil painting by Bettina Zenker.

Release date: 10 | 2017

Dnp Distribution

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Laurent Garnier (F-Com)
EXCELLENT EP — full support
Modeselektor (Monkeytown)
ja is hammer.. wie immer
Marcel Dettmann (Ostgut Ton)
Dj Deep (Deeply Rooted)
Excellent release
Dj Pete (Hard Wax)
quality release, big fun listening 🙂
Jackmaster (Numbers)
5/5 thanks guys
Objekt (Pan)
Trivin and Koraimer Bro are great
Steffi (Ostgut Ton)
een dikkerd!
Pariah (R&S)
sounding great!
Pearson Sound (Hessle Audio)
Pessimist (Blackest Ever Black)
That A-Side is really sick!
Efdemin (Dial)
Ui! Der Schlern! Ich muss auf den Berg!
Tessela (Poly Kicks)
great record! 🙂
Johannes Volk (Exploration)
What a great release, really like this phaser/ flanger driven beat on A2. Too Feel Sweet…I feel more sweat. Thanks
Jonas Kopp (Tresor)
Great tracks ! thanks
Tobi Neumann 
Massive tracks from Dario. Exceptional, dirty and organic Techno. Sound which you don‘t hear on every corner.. 🙂 Great music–culture from Ilian Tape, thanks! Tobi
Djrum (2nd Drop)
boom boom boom boom boom
Mosca (Not So Much)
TFS is my kinda techno, can’t wait to play around with this
Batu (Timedance)
ilian on fire every time
Randomer (Lies)
Track 2 is sick
Tommy Four Seven (47)
Rod (Klockworks)
Adam Marshall (New Kanada)
really like the Koraimer Bro and To Feel Sweat for the club… and Der Schlem is also sounding pretty sweet.
Julietta (Blitz)
love it!
Samuli Kemppi (Mote Evolver)
Killer. Thanks!
Julia Govor
Love the EP. Koraimer and To feel are fat!
Hodge (Livity Sound)
Dexter (Klakson)
Joe Farr (Bloc.)
Aurora Halal (Mutual Dreaming)
haha love the description. looking forward to listening.
Marcel Fengler (IMF)
Dope release! Full support! Thanks a lot
Cosmin Trg (50 Weapons)
My mumand I aren’t in the same country unfortunately, would love the WAV though.
Love this release!
Basic Soul Unit (Dolly)
Nice one as usual. Koraimer Bro is banging
Slam (Soma)
Dope thanks:)
Francois X (Token)
dope as usual
Lo Shea (Hope Works)
Totally love this. Superb work as ever from you Dario. Manabadman. REEESSSPPPEEEKKKKK.x
B.Traits (BBC)
will be supporting
Andres Zacco (Greener)
Woww Great music Dario! love all tracks.Thank u fot sending.
Jamie Russell (Hypercolour)
Darko Esser (Wolskuil)
4/4, fantastic EP!!
Philip Sherburne (Pitchfork)
Fun and queasy.
Mitch Strashnov (Inverted Audio)
Stellar speedtrack towards dancefloor machinations.