IT032 Andrea – Wintermay
A1. Floating
A2. Timed
B1. Queue A
B2. 22:22
Blithe Antinationalist Wrestling Maneuver on 180g vinyl.
Oil painting by Bettina Zenker.
Release date: 10 | 2016
Dnp Distribution

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Dj Pete (Hard Wax)
wonderful music
Marcel Dettmann (Ostgut Ton)
thx 4/5
Laurent Garnier (F-Com)
Superb Release
Ben Sims (Theory)
class as usual, big thx!
Paul Woolford (Planet E)
Lovely stuff throughout – especially ‚Floating‘ – thank you!
Heiko Laux (Kanzleramt)
Pariah (R&S)
ace as usual!
Huerco S (Proibito)
will play on rinse this friday 😉
Dj Deep (Deeply Rooted)
Another excellent Andrea release on the excellent Ilian Tape label!
John Heckle (Tabernacle)
top stuff again, many thanks
Scntst (Boys Noize)
Andrea strikes back BIG TIME
Djrum (2nd Drop)
Pure fire once again. Love every tarck.
I’m gonna need this on vinyl!
Felix K (Hidden Hawaii)
5/5 Thanks!
Markus Intalex (Trevino)
Answer Code Request (MDR)
All tracks are so good!
Svreca (Semantica)
12″ after 12″ Illian Tape make a huge slot into my sets and collection. Excellent new one. Full support !!
Adam Marshall (New Kanada)
killer! 22:22 is my favourite.
Johannes Volk (Exploration)
Wow! 4 awesome tracks, especially Queue A! Thanks
Randomer (Lies)
Classic Ilian Tape material
Midland (Regraded)
Beautiful stuff. Wavs would be a dream. I just ate a pizza so….
Rodhad (Dystopian)
cool ep thanks!
Joe Farr (Leisure System)
Fantastic stuff from a fantastic Producer.
Basic Soul Unit (Dolly)
Another great one thx!
Mosca (Not So Much)
It’s those Ilian Tape beats again
Etapp Kyle (Klockworks)
Amazing again! Wav would be good of course.
Darko Esser (Wolfskuil)
Brilliant as always from Andrea and Ilian Tape!
Mark Henning (Soma)
Excellent as usual 🙂
Hodge (Livity Sound)
one of my favourite labels ever, lemme release some bangers on it ? 😀
Francois X (Token)
Dope Music as usual
Ryan James Ford (MDR)
Amazing EP. Always top quality.
J.C. (Tresor)
very dope. Love it
Philip Sherburne (Pitchfork)
Really gorgeous.
Mitch Strashnov (New York)
Andrea finds love in a hopeful place – right place, right time, in the clouds and in our hearts. Hoping for an LP in the future.