IT023 Rupcy – Utow
A1. Utow
A2. Can
B1. Assemblage
B2. Bows

Voodoo Thunders outa Mars on 180g Vinyl.

Oil painting by Bettina Zenker.

Release date: 04 | 2014

Dnp Distribution

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Ben Sims (Theory)
utow for me, great tough groover. thx!
DVS1 (Hush)
can and assemblage for me! Thanks!
Dj Deep (Deeply Rooted)
Dope release, can’t wait to get my hands on the vinyl of it!
WAV files would be highly apreciated if not a bother.
Ryan Elliott (Ostgut Ton)
Love Assemblage. Thanks.
Answer Code Request (ACR)
Great EP!
Anthony Parasole (The Corner)
wicked release
Cosmin Trg (50 Weapons)
This is excellent. My kind of jams. Thanks!
Christopher Rau (Smallville)
BURNERZZZZ !!!!! thank you..
Pär Grindvik (Stockholm Ltd)
the whole thing a ling are great! will play them all! ‚utow‘ and ‚bows‘ are just blinding, thanks
Jonas Kopp (Traut)
Love it , cant wait to play all of them!
Samuli Kemppi (Time To Express)
Great ep! But, ‚Can‘ is not just great, it is BRILLIANT! Any chance for wav’s before vinyl?
Tommy Four Seven (CLR)
yes yes!!!!
Sandrien (Trouw)
Yess, this is really cool! Like them all
Rodhad (Dystopian)
great stuff! i like all 4. not easy to pic a fav.
Rebekah (Cult Figures)
Love this EP!!!
Svreca (Semantica)
Can and Assemblage for me.
Ame (Innervisions)
Franco Cinelli (Esperanza)
Love it !! –> [x.x] <—
Regen (Ilian Tape)
The storm is definitely coming. Great tracks! Thank you for the promo.
Laurent Garnier (F-Com)
Full support from me
Oliver Deutschmann (Vidab)
Kr!z (Token)
all great. shall be played. thx
Darko Esser (Wolfskuil)
Ilian Tape never fails to deliver!! Straight in the bag!
Ed Davenport (Falkplatz)
great bombs! ilain tape is storming ahead! 🙂
Andres Zacco (Greener)
wow! increible record, sound so good. love all tracks.
im very happy with the last records on ilian. congrats.
Norman Nodge (Berghain)
Quality tracks, thank you!
J. Tijn (Pennyroyal)
Absolute weapons here.
Jamie Russell (Hypercolour)
No nonsense ballsy techno, cheers!
Muallem (Bob Beaman)
Super quality as expected by the Ilian camp. Can is the one for me! Thanks for the music!