IT016 Dario Zenker – Installment 4809N
A1. Chris De Slurgh
A2. Spidin
B1. Healin
B2. Filming Arroyo

The mystical fairy tale of lord Chris De Slurgh of the highest bavarian highlands ends here. It was just a matter of time until the malignant and breathtaking small Sepp Spidin unleashed his Healin chi waves to conquer Tape Castle. Therefore lady Calyx, the lords beloved affair with each of her fingers of 180g weight, requested a chastity out of the purest vinyl only to continue Filming Arroyo without any fear. And then Bavaria was born.

In other words this 4 tracker supported by your mum manages to come along heavy without rippin off some folk song and putting some lame ass ritterbeat underneath it.

Release Date: 11 | 2012

Dnp Distribution

Bandcamp   Hardwax

Anthony Shake Shakir (Frictional)
some tough tracks here. spidin and feling arroyo are mean and funky.
Laurent Garnier (F-Com)
Yessss — Strong release
Chris Liebing (CLR)
Downloading,Thanks !!!
Paul Woolford (Planet E)
‚Filming Arroyo‘ is my pick here, excellent again.
Dj Deep (Deeply Rooted House)
Dope release on a dope label diserves nothing less than Full support!
Serge (Clone)
that Chris de Slurgh and healin tracks will end up in my sets for sure!
DVS1 (Hush)
Filming Arroyo is the JAM!!!! Chris De Slurgh and spidin are next.. but honestly all the tracks are dope!
Marcel Fengler (Ostgut Ton)
Great stuff!! Full support!!
Anthony Parasole (Deconstruct)
Jamie Russell (Hypercolour)
heavy duty, as per usual with ilian tape.
Norman Nodge (Berghain)
quality techno once again. i like it!
Franco Cinelli (Esperanza)
Love it all tracks!!, but my fav is Healin and Filming Arroyo, thanks 🙂
Adam Marshall (New Kanada)
„Spidin“ is the one for me….. thanks.
Raresh (Arpiar)
solid techno stuff from dario .. thanks
D’Julz (Bass Culture)
filming arroyo i s masssive
tINI (Desolat)
ilian tape geht immer.
Darko Esser (Wolfskuil Records)
Amazing story by Dario, one of his best! Loads of plot turns and twists, I’ll make sure to tell this tale everywhere I go!
Marcelus (Deeply Rooted House)
wooow ultra dope EP right here!
thank you so much for the music, will grab the wax, it’s not out yet??
Tazz (Underground Quality)
Pär Grindvik (Stockholm Ltd)
great one! thanks
Christopher Rau (Smallville)
Jonas Kopp (Traut Muzik)
Full Support , number 1 on my november chart!
Mark Henning (Soma)
heavy heavy shit!! all tracks are strong and huge. healin is on another level..
Samuli Kemppi (Time To Express)
Really feeling „Chris De Slurgh“, radio play for sure. Any chance for wavs?
Bleak (Deeply Rooted House)
Super release! The whole Ep is great!
Filming Arroyo and Healin are pure hypnotic bombs!
Regen (Ilian Tape)
I’m absolutely stun by all the tracks and the style on this Ep. Hard to pick the right words and favorite track! Genius work Dario! Thank you for the promo.
Seuil (Eklo)
this is fucking techno, love filming arroyo
Tommy Four Seven (CLR)
Wow awesome release! all are sure players! thanks!!
Rodhad (Dystopian)
super. alle 4 tracks!
Stenny (Ilian Tape)
Tom Dicicco (Baud)
Top release from Dario, 4 solid tracks.. full support!
Rebekah (CLR)
Roberto Bosco (Figure)
great ep, my favourite is „Chris De Slurgh“
Franco Cangelli (Mowar)
chis de slurgh for me thanks, nice one
Oliver Deutschmann (Vidab)
Dope EP !!!
Tolga Fidan (Vakant)
filming arroyo just made me shat my pants…great ep with a beast of a track.
Johannes Volk (Exploration)
Nice Ep! Chis De Slurgh and Filming Arroyo are my favs, very cool tracks!
Henning Baer (Grounded Theory Berlin)
What a great release! Thanks for sending.
Andrés Zacco (Greener)
amazing record! all sound make me fly. another excelent work ameegoo!
Imugem Orihasam (Ilian Tape)
Great record again! WAV files please! Thanks for sending.
Papol (Esperanza)
serious, playful and lively has it all great ep!! 
Andrea (Ilian Tape)
Dope release! amazing tracks from Dario!
Sandrien (Trouw)
Cool stuff! Chris de Slurgh and Healin for me. Like the old school vibe of Healin. Thanks!
Elon (Resolute)
Eyyyyy… beautiful EP! Spidin and healin are sickkk!
Dave Vega (Playhouse)
always a zenker fan!
Simple (Two Circles Records)
what a great release, driving and tough in all the right ways. lovely. Chris De Slurgh is a legend!
Alland Byallo (Bad Animal)
Wow. This is some WILD stuff! Feelin‘ Chris De Slurgh and Filming Arroyo the most, but the whole release is just brilliant! Dario’s the man!!!!!!
Oleg Poliakov (Circus Company)
Heavy heavy heavy ! i dig every single track. Tha atmosphere is great, the sounds and textures ares really great too. Will grab the vinyl, no doubt about it ! 
thx for doin quality stuff ! 5/5 !
LaChriz (Ilian Tape)
Absolutely amazing record! Dirty, fucked up and raw. 11/5
Eric Cloutier (The Bunker NYC)
great sounding ep from dario. really enjoying all of these, but i’m mostly intrigued by „healin“ and „filming arroyo.“ both sound killer!
Ed Davenport (Falkplatz)
drivin‘ !! filming arroyo and ‚de slurgh‘ my faves. cheers
Fabrizio Maurizi (Minus)
Always awesome music from one of my fav label…and Mr Dario Zenker is on fire: great ep!–
Kasper (Esperanza)
Alda very nice record. You are dark in your mind and limbi in your limb
Mr.Statik (B-Pitch)
great 4 tracker once again from Dario, full support, sounds so fresh!
Avatism (Vakant)
Raw as fuck…love them!
Franklin De Costa (Curle)
love the rough melodies.
Seph (Dumb Unit)
Filming Arroyo is hot! De Slurgh is nice also
Konstantin (Giegling)
Philip Sherburne (Resident Advisor)
Sounds solid — „Filming Arroyo“ is definitely my favorite here, just because I’m a sucker for those kinds of pads. (Killer rhythm, too.) After that, „Healin’“. Opening track is pretty rad too.