IT015 Marco Zenker – Twenty-Three
A1. Anisa
A2. Landwehr
B1. Stressin Neighbour
B2. Night Vision

The summer is bad as always in Munich, but that’s no reason to not have fun and spreading out the fire cuts. The 12″ starts off with Anisa, dedicated to Marco’s lady in mind and partner in wine. The eastern influences from his hood aren’t easy to ignore, and if u listen very carefully u can feel and smell the shisha dust inside the Landwehr street. In a city like Munich it’s hard to rent an extra room for a studio due the extremely high prices, so we all have bedroom studios with the advantage that we can do music whenever we feel to. However our Stressin turkish Neighbour behaves like THE pain in the ass of the whole neighbourhood. But we all have a Vision and the Night gives us the support we need to create our own space and our own time within our own spirit on 180 g vinyl from now on with a vinyl only cut on every 12″.

Twenty-three foreva! 

Release date: 09 | 2012

Dnp Distribution

Bandcamp   Hardwax


Anthony Shake Shakir (Frictional)
Night Vision works for me.
DJ Deep (Deeply Rooted House)
DOPE 12″! Congratulations! Feeling all tracks.
Paul Woolford (Planet E)
Vital modern dance music devoid of bullshit – thanks. 
Marcel Fengler (Ostgut Ton)
Full Support!! Thanx
Loco Dice (Desolat)
Great as usual ;)) Wav please
Maya Jane Coles (2020 Vision)
Solid stuff as always. Feeling the vinyl only cut
Raresh (Arpiar)
another one … thank you marco 🙂
Mathias Kaden (Vakant)
like usual….great great music from marco!!!!
tINI (Desolat)
support as always!
Anthony Parasole (Deconstruct)
Great release from Marco really deep driving cuts will be playing out and often!
Pär Grindvik (Stockholm Ltd.)
feeling them all.. the whole thing is sweet, deep and glowing! thanks
Franco Cinelli (Ilian Tape)
love it !!!!!
Jamie Russell (Hypercolour)
Great release
D’Julz (Bass Culture)
Landwehr is massive
Jonas Kopp (Traut Muzik)
!!! I was needing uality on the new releases , and this release has quality and deepness .. congratulations Marco, this is the best release ever.
Brendon Moeller (Steadfast)
more heat from marco. cool trax. would love wav’s 🙂
Will Azada (Proper Trax)
Heavy release from Marco. Cohesive and focused EP, definitely staying in my rotation. Anisa is beautiful and contrasts nicely with the rest of the tracks. 1 & 3 featured in my mix here:
Lucy (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
Landwehr is for me.
Christopher Rau (Smallville)
awsome record…. gimme the vinyl!!!!
Fabrizio Maurizi (Minus)
Marco is on fire!!
Cosmin TRG (50 Weapons)
Night Vision is really cool, danke!
Bleak (Deeply Rooted House)
This Ep is absolutely stunning.
Every track has a special construction and
structure. My favorite one here is Landwehr
with it´s deep hypnotic melody. Dope release!
Norman Nodge (Berghain)
Lovely tunes and lovely liner notes … 😉
DJ W!ld (Catwash)
Mark Henning (Soma)
Landwehr is great 🙂
Tommy Four Seven (CLR)
Love it!
Ed Davenport (Falkplatz)
cool to hear the progression in marco’s sound. love it. anisa is a tearjerker and ’stressin‘ has a wicked groove. thanks!
Tolga Fidan (Vakant)
i really dig anisa!
Oliver Deutschmann (Vidab)
Love it. Stressing neighbour is my fav. Thanks
Regen (Ilian Tape)
All of the tracks are totally taking my breath away. Counting to ten and back, but need more fresh air! Killer four tracks! In my future charts and my mind! Thanks for sending them!
Henning Baer (Grounded Theory Berlin)
Tolle Platte! Landwehr mein Favorit. Danke.
Kasper (Esperanza)
Amazing record by the likkiliks!! Love it!! 
Simple (Ilian Tape)
Night Vision… got em! Great work!
Andres Zacco (Greener)
woow! all tracks are amazing! as always on ilian tape! 🙂 excelent work marco! thanks
Franco Cangelli (Mowar)
good stuff, i like Anisa a lot and Night Vision, solid turntable weapon, thanks
Imugem Orihasam (Ilian Tape)
Thanks for sending. Anisa is my favorite, great.
Benna (Harry Klein)
killer ep, marco i love you!
LaChriz (Ilian Tape)
Absolutely in love with it! I cannot pick a fave, it’s all outstanding work for me. Thank you very much!
Alland Byallo (Bad Animal)
Landwehr is the JAM! Another beautiful EP from Marco. A perfect creature of tough techno bones with soft and spacious synthy flesh. Night Vision is amazing as well. The Ilian Tape crew is unstoppable!
Stenny (Ilian Tape)
Another great drop from marco! 
Seph (Harry Klein Records)
Very cool EP, Stressin Neighbour is a bomb! Congrats to Marco and the Ilian crew.
Andrea (Ilian Tape)
Superb! tracks are bombs! thanks for promo, peace.
Mr.Statik (B-Pitch)
Less is definitely more and Marco here really delivers a package well done! full support.
Julietta (Harry Klein)
good stuff!
Elon (Resolute)
Fuckin‘ beautiful… thanks! eyyy… ?
Franklin De Costa (Curle)
Landwehr and night vision are my favs. will play
Ana (Harry Klein)
love the anisa track :)) well done!
Papol (Esperanza)
Nice tracks and sounds. love all them..Thanks aldas!
Nikola Baytala (Robsoul)
love this label !!! thanks for tunes
Avatism (Vakant)
Whole release is insane! Love it.
Sissi (Harry Klein)
killer ep. stressin neighbour is amazing.thanks.
Jorge Savoretti (Savor Music)
amazing trax! anisa is my fav, pure soul
Philip Sherburne (Resident Advisor)
Sounds great — especially „Landwehr.“