IT014 Simple & Thigpen – Licking Peanut Butter
A. Licking Peanut Butter
B1. Licking Peanut Butter (Freak Seven Remix)
B2. Licking Peanut Butter (Zenker Brothers Remix)

We are proud to welcome Simple & Thigpen (aka Helix) from Detroit & a small town in southeast Georgia on Ilian Tape for their first collaboration eva. As Peanut Butter is a national dish in the USA since ages, every real american knows how to lick and swallow it the perfect way. So here we go with a 134 BPM swangler that funks from your backyard trying to get your arm hard while you are playing a bit of dart! Freak Seven from Manchester is transforming the original from Ying to Yang through adding his personal slang while designing men strings with jewelry for Alexander Wang. And last but not least the Zenker Brothers adding their incomparable dust in which you all hopefully trust.

Hugs & slugs from the Bavarian headquarters of Love. 

Release date: 06 | 2012

 Dnp Distribution

Bandcamp   Hardwax