IT013 Various Artists – Bias Jams – 1
A1. Imugem Orihasam – Internal
A2. Regen – Black Puff
B1. Lucas Mari – Paper Tape
B2. Stenny – Orbital

Our second vinyl release 2012 introduces a new series, the Bias Jams, on Ilian Tape. We start off with a compilation of 4 tracks from Japan, Serbia, Argentina and Italy. After some Internal investigations we found out that Imugem Orihasam is not only a japanese shaolin, but also a yoga guru. His bias cut sounds like an instruction for a deep meditation in a forest. We chose a forest, because forests need to be saved. Too many Black Puffs of vapour are killing them at the moment. Our late riser Regen probably didn’t had that a mind, but we declare him to be an environmental activist from now on. Now how should we include Paper Tape in this story…had a look online and found the term perforated paper tape. Pretty interesting stuff, it was one of the first methods for data storage. Check it out: Wikipedia. Ok are you guys joking? Orbital? There is no way to write a good story with those track names. “An atomic orbital is a mathematical function that describes the wave-like behavior of either one electron or a pair of electrons in an atom“ (Wikipedia)…Yeah right!

Well in fact it’s enough to know that the Bias Jams series will feature some heavy bomboclaat bias cuts from various artists! Cheers

Release date: 04 | 2012

Dnp Distribution

Bandcamp   Hardwax


Laurent Garnier (F-Com)
Great ep — wil play a lot
Martyn (3024)
black puff and paper tape : 8/10
internal and orbital 7/10
press release 9.5/10
Paul Woolford (Planet E)
Stenny’s ‚Orbital‘ is going to be big for me across summer, I can tell straight away.
More refined goods from my new favourite label. 
Mathias Kaden (Freude Am Tanzen)
wow….i´m in love with all 4 tracks…
Maya Jane Coles (2020 Vision)
orbital – yes!
2562 aka A Made Up Sound (When In Doubt)
Paper Tape jumps out at me here.. soulful and warm but still pounding, just how i like it. The other tracks are good too though, very solid EP.
Norman Nodge (Berghain)
Nice mixture, think I will use it!
Marcel Fengler (Ostgut Ton)
Great Tracks! Full support!
Raresh (Arpiar)
nice music as always from the ilian tape crew .. many thanks for this !
Franco Cinelli (Esperanza)
All trippy stuff! love it :), thanks amegoss!
Efdemin (Dial)
nice ep!
D’Julz (Bass Culture)
papertape is my pick . thanx
Adam Marshall (New Kanada)
heavy deep smoke from Imugem!
Jamie Russel (Hypercolour)
Top stuff, as per usual!
Tini (Desolat)
as always: THUMBS UP and support for the munich cowgirls. nice selection!
Lucy (Stroboscobic Artefacts)
Really sensitive to ‚Internal‘.
Brendon Moeller (Echochord)
regen and lucas mari trax are great. wav’s would be appreciated 😉
Simple (Ilian Tape)
All great tracks, really feeling black puff and orbital!
Mark Henning (Soma)
maybe i got this already? anyways black puff is just killer.. will chart
Oleg Poliakov (Circus Company)
Really nice EP love the vibe ! thx
Ralph Lawson (2020 Vision)
Black Puff is dope 🙂
Kasper (Esperanza)
Loving this! My fav is Imugems Internal. Bomb!
Seph (Dumb Unit)
great ep, lucas mari’s cut is really cool. Imugem Orihasam’s track is nice also. will chart. 
Julietta (Harry Klein)
Konrad Black (Wagon Repair)
Brothers Vibe (Mixx Records)
Nice one!!
Papol (Esperanza)
Nice ep, i will play it ! 
Mr.Statik (B-Pitch)
Nice and diverse 4 tracker from the boys, cool tracks for different moods during the night, will play! 
Andrés Zacco (Greener)
These are all cool tracks. thanks