IT011 Dario Zenker – 6 Unlimited Lights
A. Unlimited Love
B1. Light
B2. Give 6

After the successful Zenker Brothers record, we continue with a solo record by Dario Zenker. It sounds like Dario bought some healthy food, went to McDonalds and ate it there to provoke some marketing campaign against intensive livestock farming. We know for a fact that he has an unlimited love for good food, dirty old school hip hop, porn, broken beats and kung fu by the way. His flat on the 5th floor gets a lot of Light during the summer and also heats up a lot. Can you smell the sweat? Speaking of sweat, you should check out Inner Circle’s „Sweat“. Instead of a proper high 5, we would even Give 6 for this one! Oh what a bad way of trying to make some sense with the track title…but honestly „Give 6“ is a hard one.

Well i guess it’s time to stop writing some weird shit and start listening…

Release date: 11 | 2011