IT010 Zenker Brothers – Berg 10
A. Berg 10
B1. Inti
B2. Studio

The Zenker Brothers grew up in Munich, but in 1996 they moved to the countryside and their first adress outside of the bavarian capital was Berg 10. Shortly after that they got their first dog Inti, he smelled like hell, but he was the loveliest dog you can imagine. Although it was an intense change and not that easy at the beginning to move from a big city to a village with 5 houses, it was a really important experience for the brothers. And there was so much to discover: The beautiful mountains, lakes and forests, the local football team, the heavy bavarian accent and simply the different mentality on the countryside. All things they would never want to miss, but it was just a question of time to go back to the city.

We are proud to present the first record from Dario & Marco. Enjoy!

Release date: 08 | 2011