IT007 Dario Zenker – Farrel
A. 10 A.M.
B. Farrel

It is about time for a record from label founder Dario Zenker. Don’t ask why it took so long, but be sure it wasn’t the last one. And what a record this is, after several great releases on labels like Vakant, Harry Klein Records or Time To Express, Dario’s debut on his own imprint is another example for his unique and mature sound. His studio just as his music has grown over the years. 10 AM sounds like an earthquake, raw and dirty, it builds up so much energy that even Babensham starts to shake. Farrel on the other side is best described as deep break beat techno. It shows the diversity of Dario’s productions and diversity combined with a certain signature is a great mix in our opinion.

So enjoy it or not, dance or put your hands in your pockets, share some love or be a hater, no matter what, we like u.

Release date: 12 | 2010