IT003 Maria Fresca – Womasushi
A. Womafledtuna
B. Karuocheto

Maria Fresca is a project by Franco Cinelli and Dario Zenker, which is based on a true live musical experience. Since they met the first time and smoked a couple of blunts, they’ve thought about working something out together. And here is the result. Spaced, dubbed out kickless journeys through their musical universes, like Timothy Learys housekeeping woman from the French Alps on rollerblades. Where is the kick? The basedrum? Well, if it doesn’t show up, don’t wait for it because there wont come any. Dance music without basedrum seems useless to you? If you think so, just listen to that cut really carefully and you wont even recognize that there isn’t one.

The rhythm is the main theme here!

Release date: 12 | 2007

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