Atrice consists of Lino Schilling and Pablo Chacon-Pino, two sound designers and artists based in Basel and Zürich. As part of the MIRAS collective, they curate events for contemporary club music and build their platform to support young and upcoming artists.
Inspired by both everyday encounters and digital sensory overload, their musical works share influences from acousmatic and electroacoustic music.
Through digital sound design and manipulation of sound sources, Atrice creates a haptic, sculptural sound.
Each piece features a variety of different sound textures, acousmatic gestures and organic transitions through floating states. 
Experimenting with IDM, deconstructed club, and uptempo music in their latest releases, Atrice has a broad spectrum of influences. 
Their DJ sets, presenting a melting pot of techno, dubstep, and grime with some dancehall interludes mixed in – and often venturing to juke and jungle – are a captivating reading of their interests.