„And here’s the point: it should be clear to us now that Ilian Tape is not just a label. It’s a sound. It’s a mood. It’s an artistic identity, consistent also on the visual side, with release artworks that aid the music to fixate its identity among peers and fans alike. After hearing Ritorno, I went back through Ilian’s previous albums. I like to think of them as a coherent ecosystem containing the four elements. First we had Immersion by Zenker Brothers, powerful and blazing like fire; then Shreds and ComproSkee Mask’s double bill: spacious, gauzy and sometimes misty, just like air; back in November, Stenny brought things down to earth with robust, more stripped-down beats and a darker, heavier mood; now it’s time to be submerged by water, Andrea’s ever-shifting percussions and emotional pads flowing like waves and tides.“

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