Rosario | Argentina

Lucas Mari

Lucas Mari is an argentinian producer, who has dedicated many years diligently perfecting his electronic creation. Meticulously working, Lucas creates subtle varieties of Chicago House and Detroi Techno.

Born in Buenos Aires in 1981 and with music always surrounding his family, it was at a young age that he discovered electonic music playing keys.From these he developed his interest in musical productionand improved his skills using a variety of software and hardware.

He now shares these skills with reknowned artists from the local music scene, playing together with argentinian and foreigner artists. He travels througt Latin America playing in countries like Chile and Uruguay, being recognized nationally and internationally for his productions which fuse Detroit techno and Chicago house.
His music, characterized by uniqueness and a blend of Techno and House, breaks the boundaries and structure between these two beats.

He takes part in Live Jams simultaneously with other artists from the local scene. Lucas took part in the Mutek Festival in Argentina, and in clubssuch as Cocoliche and Niceto Club (Buenos Aires). In addition he participated in the South American Music Conference (SAMC) in 2008 and 2009 with artist like Matthew Dear, Fumiya Tanaka, Mattew Jhonson, Maqda and many more.
In Europe, he played in Berlin in clubs such as Kleine Reise and Berghein Kantine, as well as in Paris, where he played in the Sundae Party.

He is currently resident in one of the most underground parties called Raw Nite, where he combines the essence and soul of American music and urban art in the same event. Now forms part of an event called jamz series, which consists of a live performace with guest musicians, fusing jazz, dub, funk, house and techno.

Lucas Mari’s style is sheer beauty in creating rich sceneries for deep techno and fans will surely see some of his most interesting projects come to light soon.