ITD019 | Andrea | Zero Ep

Andrea – Reflection
Andrea – Configuration One
Andrea – Inputmode
Andrea – Reflection (Stenny Remodell)

We are hyped to introduce a new face to the Ilian Tape Gang and to the small world of Techno artists. In the age of tons of awesome demos with messages like: “hey lilan tepe i’m big fan of label. I made album called Fiyadancer. Tell me about how his release date and upcoming showcase for play. Thanks. I had release on label like Amazing Records, Best Music and Thinbass with Cliks Records”, it’s even nicer to discover an unknown talent. It’s a pleasure for us to present the first release of 25-year-old Andrea from Turin. The fact that it’s our second signing from Turin in a short time seems to be a Reflection of a creativity boom in the city. The reason for that could be the Configuration of the stars. But that’s just us being esotheric. One thing is for sure, our young italian folks seem to have a lot of Input lately to get into the production Mode. Turin wasn’t really on our radar until we met our local B-boy and Model Scout Stenny at our Labelnight at Doctor Sax last year. Therefore nobody else would be better for a remix than him, who also introduced us to Andrea.

So enjoy this italian meal with some delicious flavor and be excited for more to come! High five.