ITD018 | LaChriz | Belmont High Ep

LaChriz – 3rd And Army
LaChriz – EMB
LaChriz – Carlsbad
LaChriz – Flushing Meadows
LaChriz – Hubba Hideout
LaChriz – Burnside

It’s been quite a while since the last release from LaChriz alias Garlic Breath on Ilian Tape. That’s why we are even more happy to present this mini album from the bavarian football expert. The Ep starts with a lovely ambient intro. It’s slowly marching like an Army from a 3rd dimension And it makes you regret that you waste your time buying the newest EMB product. By the way EMB stands for Easy Muscle Build-Up. We recommend to get your muscles pumbing by some real activity like Kung Fu, Jesus Dancing or Skateboarding. If you choose last you should check out the Carlsbad gap, but please don’t die tryin. Ok forget about that and do something more useful. How about Flushing some pigs out of their stalls and driving them to a beautiful Meadow. Surely it wouldn’t change shit, but it sounds awesome! At least better than chewing some Hubba bubba in your Hideout, while waiting for somebody to make the difference. But no need to Burn with anger, because you feel so powerless against existing structures.

Just enjoy your daily visit on the hottest milf webSide, share some love and get High in Belmont! Cheers