ITD017 | Various Artists | Transzendental

LaChriz – Silmore
Regen – Deacay
Lucas Mari – Time Bandit
Marco Zenker & David Ruoff – Hanging Late
Franco Cinelli – Latin Morph
Seuil – Laz
Stenny – Irradiated Landscapes
Dario Zenker – Aero
Jonas Kopp – Let’s See
Imugem Orihasam – Presence

Goodbye 2011! For the last release this year we have a big compilation for you. Transzendental comes along with 10 tracks contributed by 11 Artists from 6 countries!

The international beerfest starts wie LaChriz aka Lakreiz aka Smellroom. When he is not watching skate clips shot at Silmore, he is jamming at home till his neighbor screams his lungs out! Regen loves beer and he proofed that when he came to play in Munich for the first time this year. But it’s not a Deacay without an a for him that the serbian beer can’t quite compete with the bavarian. Lucas Mari still has to visit Munich, but with his first appearance on Ilian Tape he’s on the best way to get booked for a live performance at next years Oktoberfest! But he should watch out for Bandits, especially during that Time when a lot of tourists with full pockets travel to town. No need to worry though, our locals Marco Zenker & David Ruoff will guide him safely! Which doesn’t mean that they are not gonna be Hanging out till Late at the Isar for some sunny after party on the riverside.

Next up is our Latin groove expert Franco Cinelli. Our long friend and street pimp from Rosario Morphs into a smoking psychedelic percussionist at night. When the sun goes down in Argentina, it’s probably midnight in Paris, where Seuil might be in the middle of a discussion with a Laz – a Lunatic Acid Zealot. Telling him stories about Irradiated Landscapes, a crazy racing driver from Turin called Stenny introduced him to in his dreams. Apparently a german handicraft enthusiast, Dario Zenker, sold him an Aero-engine one day. After he built it in his car, he suddenly disappeared from the streets forever. Let’s See if he’ll come back one day, but rumours tell that a weed farmer called Jonas Kopp saw him flying through the sky in Argentina. In the Presence of a third party he is not willing to confirm this though. The people from his village say that a japanese shaolin monk, Imugem Orihasam, threatened him that if he would tell anybody what he witnessed, he would have to challenge him in a smoke out on the mighty ilian hills!