ITD016 | Various Artists | Because We Do!

Imugem Orihasam – Reduce
Franco Cinelli – Spacedub
Kasper – Raw
Marco Zenker – Memory Mode
Regen – Ursus
LaChriz – Erial
Andrés Zacco – HTTK
Dario Zenker – Sakura
Papol – Crack
Jonas Kopp – Orion

It’s time for another compilation on ilian tape. Besides the usual suspects we are happy to welcome Andres Zacco to the ilian family. Normally a short describtion of all the tracks and the people involved would follow now, but do you really need that? Tracks shouldn’t need a discription and to get infos about the people involved is easier than ever. But what should we write instead? A funny made up story? A recipe for a nice meal? A personal experience? A nice story about munich? Yeah that would be more interesting. For now we think that probably japan is on everyone’s mind and we want to send out some love with this release. Times like this make us feel sympathy and grateful for the small problems we have in comparison. But it’s also tough to look at all the bad stuff happening and sometimes we need to forget about it all for a moment and have a great time.

So here you go feel the joy but don’t lose the consciousness!