ITD011 | Various Artists | We Like You

Simple – Easy Slip
Franco Cinelli – 707 Dub Party
Fronsua – Genau
Regen – Deeply Fried
Papol – Jaula De Locos
LaChriz – Duckin Crazy Spades
Kasper & Cinelli – Zuloop
Marco Zenker – Woble
Jonas Kopp – Z Reticulus
Dario Zenker – Cafu
THC Project – Analog Modulator

Raw and spaced out stuff from Simple, Franco Cinelli, Fronsua, Regen, Papol, LaChriz, Kasper & Cinelli, Marco Zenker, Jonas Kopp, Dario Zenker and Thc Project. Supported by our families and pets, by our citys and countrys, by our hearts and minds and by our loves and lifes. Since 3 years we’ve been expressing our idea of soulful music on Ilian Tape.

Expect more from the esotheric falcon crew from munich. Cheers