ITD007 | Marco Zenker | Don’t Stress Ep

Marco Zenker – One Love
Marco Zenker – Distance
Marco Zenker – Can’t Find It
Marco Zenker – Chutney
Marco Zenker – Chutney (Dario Zenker 916 Remix)

Stress is something none of us really needs, even though it can be useful in some moments. However the stress comes out, we try to manage it in the best and most easy way. Marco Zenker our man from Ramersdorf knows how to use his stress moments with creativity – as a result we have a stunning deep lovely and wonderful ep, that for sure sucks out all stress we have inside us. Early support from Florian Fuhlert, Graf zu Guttenberg, Dieter Bohlen, Mark Medlock, Dj Gulia Siegel, Dj Ernstl, Sunshine Pub, Eric Kewitz and ourselves.

We love Markus.