ITD006 | Marco Zenker | Namibia Dub Remix Ep

Marco Zenker – We See Away (Franco Cinelli Remix)
Marco Zenker – Namibia Dub (Kasper Remix)
Marco Zenker – Lamas In My Garden (Violett Remix)
Marco Zenker – One Or Another (LaChriz Remix)
Marco Zenker – Talking Zulu (Dario Zenker Remix)
Marco Zenker – Palmtrees In My Room (Fronsua Remix)

Marco Zenker fired out his amazing Namibia Dub Ep last year for us. We and many more were so impressed and felt in love with it, that we decided to make a rmx ep. Our close family put their personal touch on each of the tracks. So here we go with flying remixes from Franco Cinelli, Kasper, Violett, LaChriz, Dario Zenker and Fronsua. Everybody simply expressed their feelings on this rmx bundle and contributed a piece of love to marK US zenker.

We love it, as always and hope u all do too. Enjoy!