ITD005 | LaChriz | Purple Mountain Meadows Ep

LaChriz – Do You Believe In Telepathy
LaChriz – Papageno
LaChriz – City Devils
LaChriz – Lake Move
LaChriz – Phantom Planet
LaChriz – Macba
LaChriz – Phantom Planet (Marco Zenker Remix)

LaChris is a young and innovative producer from Bavaria who presents his debut ep on Ilian Tape! The Purple Mountain Meadows Ep offers a great mix of deep techno. It goes from rough to beautiful and from dancing in the early morning hours to chilling out at home. Put it on your headphones to go skateboarding at the macba or turn up the volume on your ghettoblaster while relaxing on a lake. Move to your own phantom planet and leave the city devils behind.

Enjoy the trip and ask the dancing papagenos if they believe in telepathy.