ITD003 | Marco Zenker | Namibia Dub Ep

Marco Zenker – Lamas In My Garden
Marco Zenker – Namibia Dub
Marco Zenker – One Or Another
Marco Zenker – Talking Zulu
Marco Zenker – We See Away
Marco Zenker – Palmtrees In My Room

Marco Zenker is already known for his former releases or rmxes on Ilian Tape. As usuall Marco shows us again his totally own view of dub and deep dance music. The 19-year-old kid delivers us a 6 tracker that gives us the feeling to be on a jungle trip around Montego Bay on a horse-drawn carriage. It doesn’t matter if you have a relation with a lama in Namibia, if you sold another melon to a zulu or if you see away and won’t believe that there are real palmtrees in your room. In fact this musical journey allows you to feel whatever you always wanted to feel while listening at home, in the club or on your motorcycle with your ghettoblaster on the way to work on the banana fields of Highgate in Jamaica. Deep is the best description for Marco’s style and if we say deep we mean DEEP.

Enjoy and love it as we do, close your eyes while hearing it on a 20000 watt Kling&Freitag soundsystem and you will feel your pants flying off.