ITD002 | Various Artists | From Sunflowers and Papayas

Franco Cinelli – Just Relax
Funzion – Espumate
Marco Zenker – In Between Seasons
Maria Fresca – Socelesta
Papol – Ja Ja Jash
Ralph Sliwinski – Monster In My Pocket
Leonel Castillo – La Calesita Del Tio Pepe
Dario Zenker – Bevor Reis
Violett – Luminous Home
Von Haugwitz – Nakisch

Usually papayas are growing on higher levels while sunflowers even can grow in the Bavarian mountains.but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t fitting together in a salad with Franco Cinelli,Funzion,Marco Zenker,Mrs.Fresca,Papol,Ralph Slwiwinski,Leonel Castillo,Dario Zenker,Hermosa Violett and Von Haugwitz as the late night starter. Its warm already and the flowers are shining…is it because of the wonderfull lightning shakers or because of the beautiful smell of themselves?

At least you will know what this V.A. gives to you…to us it gives sun, love, light, shiva, moon, dust, sweat, butterflys, carott walnut bread and roses….enjoy!