ITD001 | Marco Zenker | Smoked Near By The Alps Ep

Marco Zenker – Muralmumble
Marco Zenker – Holldarand
Marco Zenker – Wadub
Marco Zenker – Fountion
Marco Zenker – Sefelhieb
Marco Zenker – Muralmumble (Dario Zenker Remix)

Marco Zenker is a new and very talented young producer from Bavaria, germany. Since he started to make music ,it took not that long to create his totally own style of dubby techno. Deep and intense drifting tracks we have here, perfect for sunrises on a chilenian sundeck or a hot night in uritorkos mountains. Wonderfull for any moments on the floor or at home. If you wake up one day and feel like to go out on a field and threw all your clothes of and scream in the sky just to pull out all your stuff you have inside, you will have an idea what this tracks can do with your mind. Space out and be safe about flying back to your soul. If you are a true smoker you will even more feel these cuts.

Feel it or leave it. Eat it or smell it, but make sure that you got it.