Rosario | Argentina

Andres Zacco was born in Pergamino, Argentina in 1980. After spending many years in Buenos Aires, it’s in the city of Rosario he chose to establish residence. Ever since, Andres worked on numerous productions, many of which saw the light in little time. 

Andres Zacco is extremely active on the national Argentine scene, playing many decisive events as the South American Music Conference (SAMC), or during the Ground parties, where he played with the likes of Magda or Richie Hawtin. Quite notably, Andres is also one of the core members in the Live Jam Sessions, along with Nico Purman, Franco Cinelli, Jonas Kopp, Seph, Lucas Mari and Jorge Savoretti.

Combining subtle forms of the Techno sound with classical structures in House music, Andres Zacco creates a suprisingly natural mixture that differs from the rest, in a country often dominated by a certain minimal sound. Andres stands as the proud heir of a great history in underground dance music, following in the footsteps of his great friend and mentor Franco Cinelli. Recently Andres Zacco created his own record label, Greener Records.

 ITX010 B   

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